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Development and commercialization of the device using Motivative Exercise implementation technology

Aging of the Baby Boomers and Social Security
According to the 2010 Japanese census, 6.54 million baby boomers were born between 1947 and 2012. In a few years, they will reach 80, which we consider the appropriate age for requiring nursing care in our previous study. This will lead to increased social security-related expenses, and there are fears that society will become unsustainable.

Although Japan has universal health insurance and has been providing necessary rehabilitative medical care, the number of people requiring nursing care has been increasing significantly: 2.18 million in 2000, or 9.9% of the elderly (2.24 million elderly), and 6.689 million in 2019, or 18.5% of the elderly (35.44 million elderly). In order to reduce the increase in the number of people requiring nursing care, the use of our developed device is considered effective. The activation of physical functions is clear from the following demonstrations.

Demonstration Experiment
Receiving Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research A (21249036) in 2011, The author conducted a randomized controlled trial at six facilities as the person in charge of brain function research. The results confirmed that in all the tests, the "motivative exercise" that we promoted activated brain functions better than passive exercise by physiotherapists, as shown in Fig. 1. The "Pata" is the device of this creative exercise. As a new rehabilitation medicine, if we can spread "Pata" in society by obtaining this grant, it will enable people to overcome their disabilities and live a massive and long life. We hope to meet the expectations of the people of all nations.