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Introduction to the predatory conference on the WEB

I regret that I became a member of the organizing committee without knowing the conference of the Conference Series Ltd a predatory one. Now I clarify that I was not a member of the Organizing Committee.
This WEB is the contents on which I presented a lecture on the problematic conference in Japan Narita on May 17, 2018.
The modification of the contents was permitted by the chairman.
I show you the matter as follows.

Predatory Conferences Undermine Science And Scam Academics by Huffpost

This an abbreviated version of our Huff Post article on predatory conferences:

In our recent post, we wrote about predatory open access journals and the threat they pose to research and medical practice. Predatory OA journals are run by entrepreneurs (con artists, actually) that have little or no scientific credibility, but publish 'journals' which essentially print everything that is submitted to them, without any peer review or scrutiny, so long as they get paid. The scary thing is that a predatory publisher now own several Canadian medical journals, as revealed by investigations by CTV News and Toronto Star.

In this post, we hope to raise awareness about the growing menace of bogus conferences, organized by predatory publishers as well as specialized conference groups such as BIT Congress Inc, Conference Series Ltd, Event Series (both owned by OMICS), PSC Conference and many others. These groups run vanity conferences on nearly every conceivable topic. A cursory look at their websites is enough to understand the staggering breadth of topics they cover.

Predatory Conferences Undermine Science And Scam Academics by Huffpost

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