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English   日本語  Date; July 1, 2020

Holding an elected seminar with
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) and Polish Academy of Science (PAN)


Professor Shigeo Takizawa, Biophilia Institute

Title: Overcome Disability by Motivative Exercise: a Paradigm Shift in Rehabilitation
November 12 - 14, 2020 (3 days) at OPOLE MEDICAL SCHOO, Poland

The motivative exercise is the foundation of autonomous kinetic rehabilitation named Takizawa Rehab Method, which is based on United States Patent "US.PAT. 7153250 Method for managing exercise for functional recovery and muscle strengthening, 26 DEC. 2006." And it is used as the Rehab Intervention technique for functional disorders resulting from cerebrovascular episodes, with significant effects for regain the walking and overcoming functional disabilities.

1. The research by our institute has not been accepted until now.
Our study has been able to show enabling to regain physical functions, mainly the ability to walk to people. In Japan's long-term care insurance system, the income of a person who is bedridden (care needs 5) is 90,000 yen higher than the payment of a person who can walk (care needs 3). Because of this economic benefit, many people want to take care of a bedridden patient, and it has not been able to accept it in Japan.

2. Process of this seminar adoption
Although the research result of the Japanese team until today, which was little esteemed in Japan, has been highly regarded worldwide.
We have been asked for lectures at the workshop by the organizers named " Super aged community: Role for community-based and primary rehabilitation care" at the ISPRM 2019 (13th International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine World Congress) held in Kobe in June 2019 and did it. Moreover, there was the first research report other than Japan from Romania, showing significant improvements in the expansion of a range of motion of the ankle region.

3. Social Issues
The number of elderly in Japan increased by 132% from 20.2% of the total population in 2005 (25.6 million) to 26.7% in 2015 (33.9 million).
And the number of them in need of care increased 149% from 4.1 million in 2005 to 6.1 million in 2015. There are fears that the increase in the number of elderly and disabled people due to the aging of the population will lead to an increase in social security expenditure and make it impossible to sustain our society.

4. Theme: The paradigm shift of rehabilitation medicine: Overcome the disabilities by the motivative exercise
Rehabilitation medical treatment is progressing. For example, in the past, the passive exercise by a physiotherapist was the most popular method of intervention, but nowadays, various robots and team medicine are being introduced. The number of personnel involved has also increased.
As an example, the number of physical therapists (association members) increased 2.5 times from 41,000 in 2005 to 103,000 in 2015.
The decreasing number of the number of elderly in need of care enable to expect, i.e., 40% as the inverse proportion. And then the increase promises a decrease of them to about 50% is expected but has not been realized.

5. Revolution of Hope
We are organizing this seminar from the creative perspective of resolving this contradiction. This seminar will contribute to the dissemination and internationalization of our research on overcoming disabilities. And it will do as well as to the development of young researchers.
In order to solve the problem, we will hold this seminar, and in order to promote standardization of terms, methods, and quantity of movement as well as internationalization of the motivative exercise as an intervention method in the future.
We expect that people in Japan and Poland will be able to dispel concerns about the sustainability of social security about which it is apprehensive now from this. At the same time, it becomes excellent good news for humankind who has acquired longevity.

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